The Baby Bath Changetable System For The Ultimate Room - Your Bathroom!

Free Standing Model

TUBmat® - Tough & Sturdy!

DESIGNED...to be free standing

If your home doesn’t have a house bath, Little Bears® TUBmat® is a great solution. You’ll be able to bath, dry and change your baby’s nappies in a comfortable safe manner. It has huge bath (the largest available) allowing you to bath your newborn baby up until the age of 4, a worlds first.

TUBmat® the World's First baby bath Change Table system that suits newborns, infants, babies, kids, toddlers and young children that can be used in the corner of a room.


Measure the area where you are thinking of placing your TUBmat® & then pick the model from this table.

Select your TUBmat® model from the TABLE.

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